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New Earth at a distance of 600 light years - "Kepler 22B"


New Earth at a distance of 600 light years - "Kepler 22B". The sensational discovery was made by American astronomers, with the aid of the Space Telescope "Kepler" they discovered a new planet similar to the planet "Earth". If hildren findings are confirmed by other studies, UTB will mean a revolution in the study of the universe. The U.S. Agency aerokosmicheskoe Nassa reported to the opening of the planet outside the solar system similar to the planet "Earth".... Detailed →

Advertising "0%" loans ban


Advertising bank loans and offer to purchase goods on credit in commercial networks today promises a 0% APR on almost any credit. Therefore, the borrower is very surprised when they actually become 0% 70%, 100%, 150%, and even higher APR. This is because banks do not indicate a modest accompanying the issuance of credit sorts of commissions and fees.... Detailed →

Degradation of Kiev: concrete jungle instead gardens


In the USSR, Kiev called the garden city. He was such. More than two thirds of urban territory occupied greens - parks, forest parks, squares, etc. Were in Kiev and the most real gardens that supplied their products (apples, pears and other fruits), residents of the capital. Among them - the orchard research production farm "Pusha-Vodytsya" near the housing estate "Husbandman" on both sides of the street Grechko.... Detailed →

Corruption of old age


Category of the population, "those over 60" is a very important strategic target for political consultants and marketers. The talk "of the town" was the election of the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky held mainly due to the "beloved grandmother" tame the notorious buckwheat. You can bring thousands of cases of fraud, the victims of which were is retired. But it is not about that.... Detailed →

Gay pride parade was held in Kiev


Day of shame for Kiev What took place in Kiev in the film studio. Dovzhenko at Shulyavka on Saturday May 25, 2013 - "Equality March" representatives of the so-called "sexual minorities" - can be considered a disgrace for Ukraine and Kiev, as well as for Ukrainian and metropolitan authorities.... Detailed →

Abolition of banking secrecy


Last week at the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the EU, the decision to automatically exchange information about deposits that almost destroys the concept of bank secrecy. European leaders agreed in Brussels that the end of the year should be executed tightening of EU law on the collection of tax from interest on bank deposits. In fact, it means the end of existence of bank secrecy in the EU for citizens of the EU, and for those from other countries.... Detailed →

Hello, gun!


Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice - for arming citizens In recent days, the Ukrainian society became more active "weapon" discussion. The reason for it was a bill supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Cabinet, offering to allow possession of traumatic weapons to all adult citizens.... Detailed →

Chernovetsky runs away to the East


Chernovetsky runs away to the East To the former mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky can be treated in different ways, but the fact that it is a clever man - no doubt. In many areas it was a kind of pioneer. And, in particular, he first thought to buy the position of mayor in Kiev for food rations. One may say that the "buy votes for buckwheat - not fair," but no one bothered to competitors Chernivtsi gain sympathy in the same way.... Detailed →

Threat to the state of the Lost Generation


Last Tuesday, the session of the Verkhovna Rada, unlocked by appointment representatives pro-government majority and the opposition, the surprise of many began to fight. Leader of the "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnybok accused authorities of Russification of the country. Svobodovtsev surrounded their leader and blocked the rostrum. The Communists, who were sitting close to the podium, tried to push svobodovtsev, which led to a brawl.... Detailed →

Test snow


Last week, the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading a resolution on the election of the mayor of Kyiv and Kyiv City Council members on June 2, 2013 to the work of the capital city officials appeared more attention. Fortunately, last week another examination for soundness Kiev city authorities arranged elements - spring snowfall. Euro 2012 was held in Kiev in the summer. Kiev authorities to prepare for this event, "mastered" the funds mainly to "summer" program.... Detailed →

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