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Border - Customs sabotage

08.11.2013 | Published in: Geopolitics news

The newspaper " Comments " have already written about how carefully behaves European Union towards Ukraine , trying not to frighten her on the eve of the signing of the Association Agreement .... Detailed →

Electricity at European price

08.11.2013 | Published in: News industry

Unbeknownst to the public Ukraine was one very significant step closer to the European Union - in the energy sector .... Detailed →

European banks are pulling money out of Ukraine

08.11.2013 | Published in: Finance News in Ukraine

The time when European banks are vying bought up financial institutions in Ukraine are a thing of the past. Today, European banks to pay for the acquisition of banks in Ukraine to 6.... Detailed →

Expected record grain harvest

05.09.2013 | Published in: Agriculture News

Expected record grain harvest Preliminary data for 2013 harvest indicate that the hopes of Ukrainian agrarians to a rich harvest of grain is fully justified . According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy , as of August 19, 2013 threshed early grain and leguminous crops on 10.... Detailed →

The state gets rid of unprofitable coal industry

05.09.2013 | Published in: News industry

The state gets rid of unprofitable coal industry On the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the independence of the head of state " delighted " the miners that in the near future , most of the coal industry , which remain in state ownership will be rapidly and completely privatized.... Detailed →

New Earth at a distance of 600 light years - "Kepler 22B"

28.08.2013 | Published in: Society news

New Earth at a distance of 600 light years - "Kepler 22B". The sensational discovery was made by American astronomers, with the aid of the Space Telescope "Kepler" they discovered a new planet similar to the planet "Earth".... Detailed →

Ukrainian banks: an ambiguous situation

29.07.2013 | Published in: Finance News in Ukraine

According to the NBU, the results first six months of 2013 recorded drop in profits of banks in Ukraine. In January-June earnings Ukrainian banking system amounted to 1.2 billion USD., Which is 33.33% less than the same period in 2012 (1.6 bln.). Revenues banks in Ukraine for the period rose 9.... Detailed →

Advertising "0%" loans ban

29.07.2013 | Published in: Society news

Advertising bank loans and offer to purchase goods on credit in commercial networks today promises a 0% APR on almost any credit. Therefore, the borrower is very surprised when they actually become 0% 70%, 100%, 150%, and even higher APR.... Detailed →

"Borispol" in the orbit of unnecessary expense

29.07.2013 | Published in: Transport news

The main argument of the need huge budget costs of preparing for Euro 2012 was that the European Football Championship will be held, and the infrastructure "will remain and will serve as the Ukrainian state and generate income.... Detailed →

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