Financial Markets - a special form of organization of the movement of financial resources in the economic system which, by its appointment to provide legal, private individuals and the state the right conditions to attract the necessary funds and the sale of temporarily idle funds.
Redistribution of financial resources is possible in a well-defined organizational structure of the market in which transactions are financial. The formation of such an institutional mechanism is possible by the state and must be based on an institutional basis, which involves the allocation of functions for each market participant. From an organizational point of view of the financial services market is a collection of financial institutions that determine the course of the owners of the financial resources to their users under the control of state governments. Financial services - services of financial intermediation and lending services. Examples of organizations that provide financial services are banks, insurance, investment, leasing, brokerage firms and many other companies. Financial Services - the largest in terms of industry in the world, according to the 2004 portion of the market capitalization of the industry in the S & P 500 is 20%. Financial services account for a large and growing sector in virtually all developed economies and those that are developing. The pace of growth in this sector are particularly high in those economies that are experiencing rapid modernization. Trade in financial services is also growing rapidly due to a combination of new and growing markets in developing countries and transition economies, the liberalization of finance and trade, the use of new financial instruments and rapid technological change. However, the financial services sector is much more important than its direct impact on the economy. Financial services are the foundation of the modern economy. Any economic activity one way or another depends on the services that are provided by the financial sector. The objective prerequisite of functioning market in financial services is the need for mediation in the relationship between economic agents about the redistribution of financial resources. Funds may be available in some subjects of management, and investment needs arise from others. Financial services market as an intermediary cash flows from their owners to the users.


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