Spread and diesel-electric generators, which are used as stand-alone, reserve or emergency source of electricity consumers elektrolitaniya both in stationary conditions, as well as in mobile units (EMU). The ability to quickly turn the unit, ease of maintenance, always ready for action, high efficiency, small size and the possibility of operating without a permanent staff found the diesel-electric units widely used in construction, industry and agriculture. Trains, stationary power remote sites, power stations, radio broadcasting, radio broadcasting stations redundant power connection, auxiliary power, hospitals, theaters, large retail stores and other household objects, food power and lighting load of construction projects of agriculture, forestry, etc. - this is not a complete list of sites where diesel-electric power stations are widely used. Diesel-electric units are divided into self-matizirovannye (AC-802 AC-810, Asda, DGS) and non-automated (ASD, DES). Electrical installation and commissioning of diesel-electric generators are complex and specific. Their implementation requires considerable knowledge, experience and careful preparation of electricians, technicians and craftsmen.

БГЕ-800 Генератор бензиновий 0,65 кВт

Бензиновый генератор «ЕЛІМ-УКРАЇНА» – это бытовая электростанция, работающая при помощи двух- или четырехтактного бензинового двигателя внутреннего сгорания и генерирующая электроэнергию для бытовых нужд, питания передвижных магазинов, проведения строительных и аварийно-восстановительных работ. Бензиновые генераторы являются наиболее популярными устройствами для аварийного и резервного электроснабжения....

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