Plant production

09.03.2013 | Published in: Agricultural industry

In addition, the structure of crop production to achieve the ratio of soybean 25% - 25% of grains - corn 25% - 25% alfalfa, which will increase the stability of agro-ecosystems in general.... Detailed →

Protein balance is one of the key factors for sustainable development and a fodder.

09.03.2013 | Published in: Agricultural industry

Protein balance is one of the key factors for sustainable development and a fodder. Yes, the U.S. grain structure of about 60 million tonnes is wheat, 91 million tonnes - soybeans, 333 million tonnes - corn.... Detailed →


09.03.2013 | Published in: Agricultural industry

Challenges and risks encountered by global agriculture forced officials and scientists are increasingly working on short and long-term food security programs.... Detailed →

Electro-ionizing laser (FIIL)

31.01.2013 | Published in: Industrial equipment

The 20th century is often called the age of the atom age polymers, or the space age. It would be equally correctly called the century of the laser. It is impossible to list all of the laser, it can be done. It has become part of our life is used in various industries, medicine, biology, etc.... Detailed →

Unique telescope

30.01.2013 | Published in: The space industry of Ukraine

For more than four centuries of telescopes on Earth and had opened a window into the universe. But the views were limited to the size and shape tools. Now, scientists in many countries are developing large telescopes that allow astronomers to look deeper into the corners of the universe.... Detailed →

Ideal cycle internal combustion piston engines

04.10.2012 | Published in: Industry

As you know, the ideal cycle power plant is the Carnot cycle, consisting of current thermodynamic processes - two isothermal and two adiabatic. However, practically implement the process of the internal combustion engine on the Carnot cycle is not possible.... Detailed →

Products brewing industry in the domestic and foreign trade

09.09.2012 | Published in: Products of Ukraine

According to the Customs in 2005, imports of beer was 2 million dal (in the amount of $ 7.1 million), export - 0.7 million dal ($ 3.6 million). Times when imported to Ukraine imported beer for 2-3 ten million dollars (1994-1995), passed. Much of this was due to the establishment of local production.... Detailed →

Modern features of the brewing industry

09.09.2012 | Published in: Products of Ukraine

Domestic brewery developed a whole because of the large and medium-sized enterprises and factories. Most small breweries were unable to find their place in the Ukrainian market and have no means or for technical re-equipment, or to build their own distribution network.... Detailed →

Solid modeling couplings

04.09.2012 | Published in: mechanical Components

At the initial stage of construction of 3D models for technical objects of assembly units, mechanisms, and so on, set him apart elements, reaching the lowest in the hierarchy to consider what level of detail.... Detailed →

The basic premise of the factor placing the brewing industry

03.09.2012 | Published in: Industry

Ukraine has the necessary prerequisites for the functioning of a highly brewing industry. Since 1991, there was a significant decline in the food industry and beverage industry, as part of the food industry in particular.... Detailed →

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