Normal operation of the electrolytic process

30.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

The process of electrolytic copper refining, lasts several days, occurs without the intervention of staff.... Detailed →

Number of bathrooms matrix

30.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

Quantity baths employed under matrices depends on the length extension product cathodes baths, i.e. what kind of work deadlines anodes.... Detailed →

Lifetime matrices

29.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

According Pyshminsky plant life of the matrix of copper grade Ml four years, and of copper grade M2 ​​no more than two years. Matrix wear due to corrosion of their contact with oxygen at the boundary with the electrolyte.... Detailed →

Vertical eat leaves

29.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

Dried matrix 35 hours. at variable temperature: from room temperature (20 ÷ 25 ° C) at the beginning of operation up to 120 ÷ 130 ° C in the last 3 hours of drying. The process of applying an insulating layer on the edge of the matrices is faolitizatsiey.... Detailed →

The mother leaves

27.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

The mother sheets are made by deposition of copper by electrolysis in a bath with a soluble copper anode on matrix sheets are cathodes.... Detailed →

Electrode Cathode Anode

23.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

Electrode. In the electrolytic bath is charged anodes obtained by firing copper refining. Cathodes are copper sheets with eyelets for hanging them on the cathode crowbar. These sheets are produced by electrolysis in a special matrix baths. Anodes (Fig. 1) is a copper plate with ears.... Detailed →

Plan and section of electrolytic copper refining plant

23.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

Plan and section of electrolytic copper refining plant one of the plants are shown in Figure 1 and 2. Blocks are located along the plant. Between the groups of blocks arranged work stations equipped with narrow-gauge tracks and washing machines. Figure 1.... Detailed →

Various versions of the contacts between the cathode and the anode rod

22.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

The desire for further savings on the copper bus-bar resulted in the destruction of intermediate tires. Figure 1. schematically show various embodiments of contact between the cathode and the anode rod.... Detailed →

Circuits for baths and electrodes

21.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

In world practice have been used two strategies to incorporate baths and electrodes: 1. The scheme of parallel-series switch (MUX), in which all electrodes are connected in parallel with the same name, and baths - consistently. 2.... Detailed →

Anodes for electrolytic

21.05.2013 | Published in: Foundry

At the bar halt by two anodes. With the introduction of mechanized unloading began to use larger anodes - 860 • 860 mm, and in recent years there has been a tendency to further increase the size to 914 ÷ 914 mm and above. Weight anodes for some plants of 350 kg.... Detailed →

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