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BeerDomestic brewery developed a whole because of the large and medium-sized enterprises and factories. Most small breweries were unable to find their place in the Ukrainian market and have no means or for technical re-equipment, or to build their own distribution network. These plants or stop the production of beer, or become the property of large enterprises. This "absorption" major manufacturers of small gives last chance not to stop its own production, which contributes to the development of the beer sector of the economy and employment. The active presence of foreign capital in Ukrainian brewing industry also contributes to its effective development. Given the fact that the beer - a product of cost-effective and very popular, but the Ukrainian market is in a stage of rapid development, invest in any brewery is very promising. Foreign investors prefer large enterprises with fixed assets neiznoshennomu equipment and technologies that produce beer of good quality. However, over the question of investing money in the company focuses on not only its technical condition, but also because, who heads the production, who are able to work in the modern world. Therefore, investments are primarily in staff training, improvement of management. The plants do not attract investment, replenish working capital through loans. This is due to the specifics of nonalcoholic beer - the seasonal nature of demand for its products. Barley harvested in the autumn, the first malt produced from it at the beginning of winter, and the first beer out of it is formed, at least in one ... 2 months, the peak demand for it - in the summer. Many businesses today are fast reconstruction of production facilities, implement energy-efficient technologies that reduce the loss of raw materials and energy. These measures will allow the brewery to increase capacity, increase production of beer and, as a result, get bigger profit.
Especially consumer beer market is that it is primarily a market for manufacturers. They set up their own distribution networks, determine the tactics and strategy of the struggle for the consumer.
Many breweries now adapted to work in a foreign malt and hops. Foreign ingredients favorably with not only domestic quality indicators - they are also cheaper. And remain so even after the initiative of Russian producers of hops and barley malt was introduced a 30 percent import duty on malt and 50 percent - of hops. Foreign suppliers, not wanting to lose a promising Ukrainian market, have found reserves to keep their product competitive. However, the choice of brewers is not so great, for example, hop extract, which are imported from Germany, are not produced in Ukraine, and the production of hops in the granules, recently launched in Zhitomir - is insufficient. Production capacity for malt in Ukraine reach 300 thousand tons per year (two specialized Malt: Slavuta in Khmelnytsky region Zhitomir and Berdichev in - could provide the market with 130 thousand tons of the product), but is used by only 17%. The main reason - the deficit in Ukraine this malting barley.
The vast majority of large enterprises beer industry is concentrated in the east, center and south of the country. But markets, even in these regions are still far from saturation. What to say about the event, where the "big" distributes its products Lviv "Kolos". Despite the fact that the current market situation provides enough space for all of the brewers, yet brands competing with each other. Often normal (in the market sense) prevents competition position of the local authorities - with the commitment of the local enterprise Brovary - usually sensitive about penetration of "strangers" within its regional holdings. However, gradually overcomes common sense, and especially the breweries are actively developing sales activities far beyond their areas. In the strategically important regions create their own databases, based on - tandem "mission-warehouse" (the most active in this field in 2005-2006 were "Rogan" and "Obolon"). Creating a geographically extensive warehouse network enables businesses to conquer the markets, working directly with a wide network of retailers. The last in this case, products are delivered smoothly and almost at producer prices. In place of fashion in pasteurized canned beer in Ukraine is gradually penetrating commitment unpasteurized frothy beverage kegs (metal barrel with a capacity of 10, 30, 50 liters). In such a packaging beer is well kept, and because there is a pressure of 2 atmosphere, great for sale in bulk. Price wins twice before bottling. Experience the summer of 2006 showed that the company, which in time changed its kegs had considerable benefit. So, Nikopol brewery that early season dare to completely abandon the draft beer in glass bottles, and bet only on ker-barrel, in September, paid off the loan. At the same time, keeping prices low (75 kop. / H), not only managed to oust the local market competitors from other regions, but he went on the offensive and now sells its products outside the region. Monthly sales against 2005 grew by 2.5 times. Of course, in the fight for customers here also do not forget the taste of the beer, and advertising, and seasonal discounts in price, and the traditional celebration of beer lovers.
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