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Dried matrix 35 hours. at variable temperature: from room temperature (20 ÷ 25 ° C) at the beginning of operation up to 120 ÷ 130 ° C in the last 3 hours of drying.
The process of applying an insulating layer on the edge of the matrices is faolitizatsiey.
Faolitizatsiya edge matrices allowed to perform vertical sheet removal, which is produced by special features. At the ends of machine tools, which halts the matrix are tapes, swivels. Machines are perpendicular to each other. After removing the sheet from one side of the matrix it is rotated 90 °, approximate to the other machine and remove the sheet from the other side. Free from grease matrix sheets and halt the bath.
Copper sheets
This method is not without drawbacks: for the removal of the first sheet of the matrix have to move the tape from the machine, and after the removal of sheets - push the matrix manually podtsepki harrow and landing in the bath.
However, the introduction of vertical sheets allow easier removal of the labor of workers and improve productivity.
Vertical removal sheets lead plant Pyshma otherwise. Matrix of the bath is discharged to sdirki special harrow having teeth, the distance between which is twice more than the ordinary harrow. This allows the discharge half of the matrix along the length of the bath, removing them through one. The downloaded template is lowered onto the machine. Twice the distance from each side of a work can not moving matrices to produce a vertical sheet and grease removal matrix. Treated matrix halt in the bath is discharged and then the second half of the remaining matrix and the operation repeated.
This method of removal of sheets simpler and more productive while optional faolitizatsiya edge matrices. Value sheets in vertical doffing is significantly better than horizontal. Moreover, renting a vertical lengthened life matrixes.
Damage faolita layer on the matrix can serve not less than one year, after which the matrix should be re faolitizirovat. Faolitizatsiyu labor costs are relatively low.


Source - Copper Secondary: Monograph

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