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09.03.2013 | Published in: Agricultural industry

Plant productionIn addition, the structure of crop production to achieve the ratio of soybean 25% - 25% of grains - corn 25% - 25% alfalfa, which will increase the stability of agro-ecosystems in general. Terms autumn 2011 clearly demonstrated the importance of agronomic importance and necessity of good rotation predecessors for winter crops, primarily wheat. Thus, in the area of ​​Forest in low moisture autumn months, large areas could not get the stairs that went into the winter in good condition. As a result the state winter wheat is one of the worst in recent years. This situation is the result of deterioration of the structure predecessors by reducing forage crops and especially the most valuable perennial legumes and peas. Expanding soybean planting acreage is positive, but the proportion of early maturing varieties currently not significant due to their relatively low yields. Currently in the Register of plant varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine there are 123 varieties of soybeans, of which 72% of the national selection. Thanks to the fruitful work of nine Breeders breeding establishments of Ukraine created varieties with productivity level 4.0-5.0 t / ha, ultra ripening varieties with growing period of 85 days, cold-resistant, heat resistant and with improved seed quality parameters: protein content more than 43% more than 24% fat, low content of trypsin inhibitors and urease activity of low and so on.

Implementation of the genetic potential of the above varieties requires the development and application of appropriate technologies of modern models. For varieties that form the tassel from 12-14 pieces and more beans, a differentiated approach to the treatment of mineral nutrition of macro-and micronutrients with regard to the stages of growth and development of plants. The developer is the Institute NAAS feed. Cold-resistant varieties Podolsky 1, Podolsky 416, Podolyanka, Monad, developers Institute food and agriculture skirts NAAS provide an opportunity to shift the optimum sowing at 10-14 days in the early side, which is extremely important for the management of soil moisture. Based on years of research by the Institute of forage and agricultural skirts NAAS developed composition of preparations for pre-treatment of seeds with highly efficient strains of rhizobia, fungicides and biological growth stimulants. Question zasuhostiykosti varieties solved zasuhostiykosti passive strategy, namely by ultra early maturing varieties and cultivars with earlier flowering (developers: Selection and Genetics Institute - National Center of Seed and Cultivar, NSC "Institute of Agriculture Naan", Institute of forage and agricultural skirts Naan and others.).

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